365PSD: Download a Free PSD File Everyday

The title should give you pretty much what you need to know about the service but I’m going to keep going anyway. 365PSD is a service that lets you download a free PSD file everyday all year round. If you’re not familiar with PSD, it’s the file format that Photoshop uses and you can get one for free each day in 365PSD.

Simply head over to the 365PSD and you can immediately download your free PSD file. You get to download a different design each day. You can use and study the file for future design projects or modify it to make it suit you better. You can also learn from the PSD files and discover new tricks in designing with Photoshop. Sometimes it is better to learn by looking at the work of others.

What makes the site interesting is that you get to wonder what you’ll get the next day. If you happen to be looking for tutorials on Photoshop designs, you might also want to check out the site and download a free PSD file each day. You can study the file and get additional knowledge to polish your Photoshop skills by finding out how a particular design is done. Enjoy your free PSD.

*Tip: You can download the previously featured PSD files by changing the day number in the URL. 

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