365icon: Get the Best Icons on the Web for Free

364icon365icon is a free resource for the web design community that provides free icons that you can use on your website(s). The site is frequently updated with new icons that are ready to be downloaded and used by you anytime.

I believe that by offering an easy, free avenue for people to add to the creativity of their websites, I am doing the least that we can do to make the web a better (and prettier) place.

In 365icon, you can get movie icons like the cool StarWars icons, classic icons, the very creative hand drawn icons, tech icons, and so much more. Simply select the respective category of the icon that you are looking for, go to the icon/icon set page and begin your download. The site also offers free banners that you can use on your blogs or websites. As of now, they only offer donation banners but I’m pretty convinced that that’s not the end of it.

If you’re looking for the best icons in the web, chances are that you’ll find them here. They have a nifty collection of icons at their disposal. The site is a great place to start looking for great looking icons. If you don’t happen to find the right icon(s) that you are looking for, it would be wise to bookmark the site or subscribe to their RSS feeds for what you are looking for might show up sooner than you think.

365icon starwars and social icons and banners

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