0to255: Simple Color Picker for Designers

0to255 is a simple tool that was created to help designers find lighter and darker colors based on a single color. The tool was created by a web designer who, naturally, always works with colors every day. It was designed to make the designer’s life easier which will eventually speeds up the work flow.

This simple tool should make the lives of designers a bit easier. Instead of selecting a color and manipulating it to produce different variants, you can simply pick a color from the chart and 0to255 will display an array of colors based on the color that you picked. The result also displays the color code for each respective color. If you’ve found the right color for you, simply copy the color code and paste it on Photoshop’s color picker. That will surely ease your life a bit.

If you’re having a hard time picking the perfect color for your design, simply head over to 0to255 and pick your color there. It will save you some time randomizing a color code in Photoshop just to come-up with the color that will satisfy you. With this tool, you can feast your eyes with array of color variants available from a base color.

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