WhichBook: Book Recommendation Based on Your Mood

whichbookWhichBook is a book recommendation engine that allows you to adjust the level of mood or story elements you want to be in a book. This interesting tool will display a list of books that matches the strength level of elements that you have selected. All you have to do is drag the slider bar on each element and select go. Just remember that you can only open four sliders per recommendation.

which-book-elementsElements to choose from:

Happy – Sad

Funny – Serious

Safe – Disturbing

Expected – Unpredictable

Larger than Life – Down to Earth

Beautiful – Disgusting

Gentle- Violent

Easy – Demanding

No Sex – Sex

Conventional – Unusual

Optimistic – Bleak

Short – Long

Aside from mood elements, you can also get recommendation by selecting plots, character properties and setting. You can use their cool animated globe to choose the setting of the book that you want to read.

Whichbook is a different way of choosing your next book. It all depends on the story elements that you’ve selected and how strong you want them to be in your book.

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