Watch And Embed News Videos With News Clipper

Here is a simple but useful site to get the latest news clips from all over the web. News Clipper collects news videos from online news sites. You can select from most recent to most viewed news clips and filter them by category. You can filter Politics, International, Domestic (US), Entertainment, Technology, Business, Opinion, Living, Health, Sports, Weather, Faith and Funny Category. Filter even more by Networks Category, you can choose from CNN, BBC, MSNBC, FOX, CBS, ABC and ESPN.


NewsClipper offers more than just giving its users the ability to easily browse through different news clips directly from their pages, instead of navigating through different news sites. The service also offers the ability to embed the latest news videos so you can share them instantly to your friends via blogs and social sites without having to wait for it to appear in YouTube and other video sites or linking them to the source of the clip. This is made possible by NewsClipper through the use of an open-source video player called Flowplayer which also features full screen viewing.

The service also provides a link to the source of the video just in case you are looking for related news about the video. This is a useful resource and a very interesting service that will save you time in browsing and viewing news clips from the internet.

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