Watch 3000 Free Live Stream TV Channels Online

OnlineTVChannels is a live streaming video aggregator which currently delivers about three thousand (3000) TV channels from more than seventy (70) different countries around the world right into your browser. There are many websites that caters a service like this one but OnlineTVChannels has the biggest collection of channels that I have ever seen.

This is a pretty cool site to bookmark. If you are too busy doing stuff in front of your computer and wants a quick break and watch some TV. People taking a vacation or working abroad can also use sites like OnlineTVChannels for viewing their local channels wherever they are in the world (as long as they have internet of course). The website supports Windows Medial Player, Flash and QuickTime plugins for their videos, so be sure to have those plugins installed for the video streams to work in your browsers. Most of the channels streams well while others are lagging. It is not clear which bandwidth is OnlineTVChannels using since they are a video aggregator site so I guess it is good to assume that the streaming speed will also depend on the original site hosting the videos. You do not have to register to start watching. Registration is only needed if you want to comment.

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  1. just wondering if you might happen to know– can this site display the Closed Captions that are included on most programs these days? I am mostly deaf and can’t really follow tv without the words and most online tv I’ve seen so far has no means of displaying them

  2. Alan: I have to apologize for the late reply because for some reason Akismet moderated your comment. Online TV channels is only a video streaming aggregator. If the source is offering CC in their streams then probably it will be included in Online TV Channels streams as well. I only managed to test a few videos and none of them include closed caption in their streams. From what I’ve heard you can turn on and off the Closed caption through your TV remote. I still have no idea how it will work in online streams but I think AOL is offering CC in their online Tv streams.

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