Two Reddit-Like Ways of Discovering Music

If there is a Twitter-like music site, then there’s also reddit-like social music voting sites.


CherryPeel is one of those music discovery sites which mimic a social media site. The main page of the site lists the most popular songs voted by users. You cast your own (up/down) votes. You can listen to the featured tracks by clicking the play button on the left of the song title. To add a song to the bottom of your ‘current playlist’, click on the song’s title and select ‘add to current playlist’. You can queue up the entire page of songs by clicking ‘add this page to current playlist’. You can then publish that playlist which makes it available to everyone in CherryPeel.

The service is also equipped with social networking feature. You can invite friends to join and add other CherryPeel members as friends. You can join CherryPeel as an artist where you can submit your original songs or as a listener. Don’t worry signing up as a listener if you’re a bit shy to share your creations. You can always change your membership status if you decide to do so. The artist can also choose if they’d like listeners to be able to download their songs.


The SixtyOne is another great place where you can discover music. It also functions like a social voting site. Like in CherryPeel, TheSixtyOne comes with genre category filter and if I am not mistaken, they also feature album art thumbnails next to the featured songs.

Playing a song is as easy as clicking the title of the song. You can easily add a track to your collection by clicking the favorite button. Some of the songs in TheSixtyOne can be downloaded, some you must purchase and others are just available for listening. Participating in the community will earn you experience points which are similar to karma points on other social voting sites.

Both music sites are a great place to discover new music. The choice is yours.

If you know of any service similar to CherryPeel and TheSixtyOne, feel free to add the link at the comments.

2 Comments on “Two Reddit-Like Ways of Discovering Music

  1. It’s creepy awesome how you just did that–as I was speaking to one of my friends online just today how I am branching outward music wise, and wanted to find some great places to listen to some artists I didn’t know.

    I’ve been using and before that, Pandora. Well now I’ve got two more places! Thanks so much!

  2. LOL! Don’t let me creep you out M. 🙂 Stumble audio is indeed a cool service. Maybe I should have titled the post Social Media-like ways of discovering music. Hehe. That way I could have included StumbleAudio and Blip.Fm.

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