TheTVDB wants to become the IMDB for TV

Whenever you want to find detailed information about a particular movie, IMDB (Internet Movie Database)is the place to go. If you go and search Google about a movie, chances are that you’ll get an IMDB page on the front page search result. This simply means that IMDB is the big daddy when it comes to providing information about movies.

thetvdb logoWhat TVDB is trying to become is IMDB, only for TV shows. They aim to bring you comprehensive information about every TV show that is available out there. You can find out about the actors starring in a TV series/show, the first air date, air day, Network, genre and much more.

The site is an open database that can be modified by anybody. All you need is to get an account in order to start contributing to the site. On the technical side, the database schema and website are open source under the GPL which is available at Sourceforge. The site also has a full XML API that allows other software and websites to use the information in TVDB.

This certainly narrows down the browsing time for TV fans exploring the TV network websites just to look up their favorite TV shows. If you are looking for new shows to watch and want to gather information about them, TVDB is a great place to start.

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  1. I was searching on bing when I found your site. So much of what you say is true. I got alot from this post, I’m going to add your rss feed to my Google reader. Thanks!

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