The YouTube Insult Generator Makes Insults Searchable

The YouTube Insult Generator doesn’t really generate insults for you out of thin air. It functions more like a search engine. What it does is look for insults found on Youtube based on the keyword that you’ve entered. It’ll then give you insults you can use against a person who doesn’t like that term.

It finds stuff only about 50% of the time, but it works surprisingly well when it does work. Try general terms (“car”) and pop culture (“michael jordan”, “i love lucy”). Each insult includes a link to its source YouTube video.

How does this work? It uses the YouTube API to search for the top 50 most relevant videos for your search term. For each of those videos, it grabs the latest 50 comments. Then it looks through all that for comments starting with a number followed by a word such as “people,” “youtubers” or “nincompoops.”

Some people may not approve of something like this being created but I for one welcome anything that can be used to improve an existing comments system structure. Besides, where’s the fun is reading comments if not for the “smart” insults?



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