The Slogan Contest

We recently featured here at Orangeinks. It’s a credit based web marketplace for buying and selling web templates and digital art. Since the service is quite new, they are currently looking for a slogan that they can use for the company. In order to accomplish this, they are holding a contest for the best slogan that fits The contest is for everybody, so feel free to share your ideas and give it a shot.

Contest Details:

All you have to do is visit their site and browse around. Think of a slogan that best fits the company. Head over to blog and post your created slogan in their contest post. The contest starts on July 15th 2008 (Now), and the results will be announced at the beginning of August. Each participant of this contest who has an account on will get 4 credits, so everyone will win!

Tip: If you do not have an account in, you can register first before entering the contest. This way you can benefit from the free credits for users who joined the contest.


1st place: $100 in cash
2nd place: 100 credits from which can be used to purchase their products
3rd place: 50 credits from which can be used to purchase their products

Note: Just to make it clear, the 2nd and 3rd prize can not be converted to cash. It can only be used to purchase products.


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