The Good and the Baad

Most social voting sites have rating scripts to judge if a post or topic deserves to be read. There are sites that feature only the up vote button, some uses stars to balance the ratings and there are those that only allow two sided votes. The classic 1 and 0, yes or no, thumbs up, thumbs down,black and white good or bad.

goodbaadGoodBaad is one of those social voting sites where everything is black and white. Well, the site itself looks black and white but with shades of grey. I guess it’s only for design purposes. Good Baad aims to be the definitive record of public opinion. They hope to present the statistics that interest you in the most simple, uncluttered manner. Yes people, it’s just black and white for these guys, strong opinions about certain topics that interest its users.

We hope these stats will act as a useful basis for blog posts, articles and debates. When using this site as a source please link back to us – the more users we have the more useful the information becomes. We plan to add widgets to make adding our features to your sites and social networks easier.

Those of you who are up for debates about a certain topic, you can consider Good Baad as a place to ignite the fire leading to more interesting discussions.


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