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thankful forThankfulFor is a simple website where you can share the things that you are most thankful for. It’s your personal gratitude journal and a collective gratitude journal for everyone. You can share the things that you are thankful for or read what others have shared. The things that you share can be of the simplest to life changing.

The more gratitude floating around this universe, the better.

Simply sign up for the service and enter what you’re thankful for today. Your Thankfulfor account / journal can be used as a personal diary of what you are thankful for in your life. You have the option to keep what you post private. If you want to share your gratitude with the whole world, simply tick the share to Twitter box and allow Twitter access to ThankfulFor. This will allow the service to update your Twitter account with every gratitude post you make.

Share your gratitude and inspire others with your “thanks.”

Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.

-Henry Ward Beecher

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3 Comments on “Thankfulfor : Share What you are Thankful For Today

  1. Hi AgentOrange,

    Have visited the site. It’s kind of easy to use. It’s global becuase I’ve seen a lot of languages.

    BTW, congrats for being one of the finalist in the Phil Blog Awards.

  2. Thanks so much for your post. We appreciate you checking out the site! We’re seeing some really great posts from the global community (as Vic pointed out in the comments) and getting lots of requests for new functionality – so make sure you come back soon and check out new features we’ll be adding.

    Remember, posting 3-5 times per day is all that’s needed to make a real difference in how you feel about life. Hope to see you around


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