Takes All Types Launches Blood Donation FaceBook App

tat.pngTakes all Types is a non profit organization dedicated to creating the first American network for blood donation. Taking advantage of the power of social media in the internet, TAT just released a Facebook application that will make it easier to reach a blood donor through their social network site, email, text message or in any form of communication that the donor can be contacted. If you want to be a blood donor, all you have to do is install the Takes All Types Facebook application and tell them your location, blood type and how often do you wish to be contacted in case they have a shortage and in need of your blood type.

I think that this is a cool application and social networking sites like Facebook and others should have more helpful applications like this one. It would be a much better than the annoying Superpoke application. It would also be great if they would expand their reach to other countries sometime in the future.

Source [TechCrunch]

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