StumbleAudio: Stumbleupon for Music

StumbleAudio is the Stumbleupon for music lovers with over 2 million available tracks for you to stumble. Judging from the name of the site, the idea was generally taken from Stumbleupon. StumbleAudio is like the “I’m feeling lucky” of music search sites.

StumbleAudio does not function like Stumbleupon in every way. You do not need to install a browser plugin in order to use the service. You can do your music stumbling in the StumbleAudio page. This is managed by flash, since stumbling music is so much different from stumbling webpages and websites. It only takes up a small space and a little flash. You have to register for an account though in order to rate tracks and save them in your profile.

You can choose a genre that you wish to stumble. Once you start stumbling, a random music will automatically play along with some information like album cover, artist and of course the title of the song. You can also browse and play the songs in the stumbled album and rate the track according to your liking. A thumbs up and thumbs down button (Like in StumbleUpon) is used for rating tracks. There is also a quick share button which will automatically copy the track URL to your clipboard.

This is another great site for discovering music semi-randomly. A search bar is provided if you like to filter your stumbles by the keyword(s) you enter. The service also allows you to make quick purchase of the playing track from iTunes, Amazon, PayPlay and CD Baby. Check it out and start audio-stumbling.

P.S. And, yes, artists do get paid when their songs are played on StumbleAudio.

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