Spot what your Favorite Celebrities are Into

Coolspotters is a social networking site launched to public beta a few days ago which focuses on finding and cataloging stuff that celebrities use. The service will appeal most to celebrity fans who wants to check out what their favorite stars are using. They can also contribute to the community by creating their own “spots”. A “spot” is the term used by Coolspotters when a certain product is associated with a celebrity. Spots can be anything that is discovered in movies, magazines, TV, snap shots, paparazzi shots, etc.

We all see great stuff being worn and used by our favorite celebrities – in magazines, TV, in movies – but there’s never been an easy way to find out exactly what the great stuff is! So, we built one.

You don’t have to join Coolspotters to enjoy their service. If you just want to browse around and check out “spots”, registration is not needed. Serious spotters however will be required to create an account in order to contribute and enjoy other features.

2 Comments on “Spot what your Favorite Celebrities are Into

  1. Very clever site. Another way for them to market products of certain companies and earn more profits using celebrities. The price we pay for being a consumer society.

  2. Very clever indeed, monetizing at the expense of celebrity fans and consumers creating content and using celebrity snap shots is brilliant. This will create more opportunity for the guys at CoolSpotters in getting big advertisers.

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