Social Networking – Big Brother Style

Tengaged is a multiplayer social networking game which has similar rules to the popular reality TV show Big Brother. Like they said, “If you know how the BigBrother TV show works, then you’ll understand the game a lot faster.”

For starters, all you have to do is to sign up for a game and once ten people (including you) have signed up, then the game will begin. You get to interact with other nine “housemates” within the game by sending comments or private messages which all of them may be rated positively or negatively by the other contestants. The game runs for seven days and at the end of each day, an algorithm will choose three worst participants and one of them will be voted out by the remaining participants. The final winner will be chosen by the same algorithm.

Tengaged offers an interesting social networking format. Instead of just looking on a profile, adding that profile to your list of friends and hoping that it adds you back, Tengaged makes it mandatory for participants to interact with each other in a socially competitive manner. It’s actually a brilliant marketing idea to get users to visit their site everyday.

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