Smart.Fm: Simple and Effective Learning Platform

smart.fmSmart.Fm is a place online where you can study, create, re-mix, share, and manage learning content of any kind. It allows you to learn bits of information at a time from foreign languages to medical terminology, from photographs, to paintings, from people to sound and basically about anything.

Smart.Fm is a platform made by Carego that represents the first phase of a platform that combines personalized learning application and content creaton tools in a collaborative, social environment.

Cerego’s unique approach to learning has been to bring together, within a unified system, what has previously been a broad and scattered collection of well-researched and accepted scientific principles in the fields of cognitive psychology, educational psychology, and neuroscience regarding efficient learning patterns. Through this work, Cerego has created a learning methodology that maximizes the effectiveness and efficiency of learning, memory, and performance.

The service is a great to go to if you want to learn bits of everything in a productive manner. Productive meaning that the program will not overwhelm you with information overload. You will be able to improve the way you learn without forgetting what you have learned. The site provides a wide array of topics for you to choose from. You can create your learning list and you can also contribute to the community. lists

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