Sleep.FM: Your Online Social Alarm Clock

sleep-fmTired of waking up on the annoying ring of your alarm clock? Check out Sleep.FM. Instead of waking up on a wake up tune that you set on your alarm clock or mobile phone, you can now wake up and be informed about the weather condition on your area flight status, birthday wishes, go back to sleep messages and more.

With Sleep.FM, you can setup multiple alarms for the day. It also allows you to choose from a male or female voice to wake you up. Since the alarm clock is online, if your internet goes down, they will play a back-up alarm for you so you will not have to worry about oversleeping when your internet service goes down. I’m still not sure how effective the online alarm clock when your computer hangs or your browser crashes but this is surely an interesting concept.

Sleep.FM can be useful in setting up alarms when you are working on your computer. You can set alarms for specific tasks to help you improve your online productivity.

New Sleep.FM features:

• Today’s Forecast that covers your weather conditions for the next 12 hours.

• Suggestion in various weather announcements, regarding what you need for the day; umbrella or boots!

• Location detection based upon your IP address; no zip code entry needed!

• Added an additional voice – a familiar radio voice who is heard in all major US markets.


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