ShareYourBrain: Share Ideas

It’s always interesting to read or hear about other people’s ideas. It’s even more interesting if you can share your own and become a part in building ideas that will help others. There is a place online called ShareYourBrain where you can do the things that I’ve mentioned above.

In ShareYourBrain, you can read about ideas created by others and see what other people have contributed to those ideas. You can also announce a project that you are doing using the social network and get suggestions from other people. Members are also allowed to vote on ideas shared by other members.

Idea Points are rewarded to users for adding new ideas and for collaborating on what others have started. Those points can be exchanged for cash or other reward items. This is a great way of keeping things flowing for users. It’s a great place to learn and hear what others have to say and share your own thoughts about pretty much anything. If you have something to share, then head out to ShareYourBrain and start warming up those neurons.

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