Sell Your Used and Broken Gadgets


We all have our share of broken gadgets, from Mp3 players to game consoles to mobile devices, you name it. Sometimes getting it fixed will cost you almost as much as buying a new one, so in most cases they end up in the trash. Instead of letting it just clutter around your room or throw it in the trash which could lead to environmental hazards, there is a place where you can sell your useless and unwanted gizmos. wants to buy your used, new or broken Electronics. They offer a fast, simple, and eco-friendly way for you to get money for your iPod, iPhone, Nintendo, Microsoft, Zune, Sony or PSP Game Console. They accept all kinds of iPods including the iPhone, Playstation 1-3, X-Box PSPs, Mobile Phones, Laptops, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, PDA’s and lots more. Broken or not they don’t care about the condition of your gadgets. A bricked iPhone, a Sad Faced Hard Drive iPod, consoles with disk read error and even a beat up Wii will get top dollar – Guaranteed. Don’t you just love services like this?

How it works:

  • Tell them about your TRONIC. Once you have entered the necessary information about your gadget, you will be given an instant price quote.
  • Ship the blasted thing to them. Fill in their shipping information sheet with the e-mail address of physical address where you would like your payment sent via Paypal or check.
  • Get paid – within 24 hours upon receiving your TRONIC.

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