Sell Your Original Digital Art Online at GraphicLeftovers

At some point, most of us have played with Photoshop, Illustrator, Aviary or any other image editing software available to us, trying to be creative and producing our own digital art. Some might create an image for a specific purpose, maybe for an online project like a web design, while some just wanted to express themselves through digital art. Whatever your reason for creating your digital work of art may be, I’m sure that if you are keeping them safe in a folder somewhere in your hard drive, those digital pieces of art possesses considerable amount of value to you. Some might actually have tried selling them online but never really got the chance to fully market those wonderful pieces of artwork. Instead of leaving them, dusting in your hard drive, there is actually a place online where you can sell or donate your original graphic art.

GraphicLeftovers is a web service that lets you sell or donate your unused, unsold, or unfairly rejected pieces of art online. They sell logos, Icons, Illustrations, Digital Art, Templates and they also offer free font downloads.

The buying and selling system is managed through virtual credits. A logo can sell for as low as three (3) credits and go as high as ten (10) creds. Credits will automatically go to your account upon purchase of your digital art. You can use those credits to purchase other images or exchange them for cash. Users can also purchase GraphicLeftovers credits. The pricing is shown in the image below.

GraphicLeftovers is created by a graphic designer who owns over 250 Gigabytes of unused images and a hotshot programmer who is responsible for the website. This is a great site for illustrators, designers and anyone who wants to test their creativity, to sell their work on the web. It can also be a starting ground for aspiring graphic artists and those who are already in the market and want to get more exposure.

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