Seero to Give Live Webcasting with GPS Mapping

seero.jpgWith live webcasting being the latest trend in the internet nowadays, services like Yahoo! Live and with Google implementing live video broadcasts through YouTube, it comes to no surprise that we can expect more startups with this feature to come out in the near future.

Seero is one of the companies that is taking the plunge into the live webcasting wars that is soon to come. Becoming the first to use the geobroadcasting platform, Seero integrates live mobile broadcasting and GPS mapping in their service. Seero wants to cultivate a new generation of mobile webcasters by enabling them to broadcast local destinations and events from around the world.


Seero Features:

Live Video: Seero provides a platform for a broadcaster to stream live video to a mass audience. Whether it is a live video blog, a one-time concert event, or a cross-country promotional tour, Seero fosters a variety of entertaining and informative broadcasts. They also have a live chat feature that goes with this so “fans” can chat with the webcaster during the live feed.

Video On Demand: Seero allows a broadcaster to utilize their existing on-demand-videos by geo-tagging them to the pertinent locations where they take place. This unique feature takes the next step in web video by tying content to the real world. ‘GeoVoDs’ can complement a live video broadcast or stand-alone as their own local viewing experience.

GPS Mapping: Seero enables broadcasters to incorporate real-time GPS tracking of their location as they broadcast live video. Seero.s provides an easy to use GPS application to integrate tracking with any GPS device. GPS coordinates are constantly updated in real-time so that viewers can watch the broadcaster on a map as they change position.

Geo-Advertising: Seero has a fresh perspective on online advertising. Why serve advertisements based on broad keywords when you can get a more accurate fit by connecting ads with the specific location of a broadcaster? Seero provides a break-through geo-advertising model that dynamically serves advertising and information based upon the coordinates of each broadcaster.

Due to come out this March, Seero is already planning and preparing to put up new features to their service. This includes using your phone for webcasting, blog and social networks integration for viral marketing. Seero is a unique and interesting website that is worth watching out for. After trying out the service, I think with a little more tweaking and improvement in the site, it has the potential to become a full pledge social webcasting service that people are going to enjoy. Seero is still in private beta, but if you want to check out their site and try it out, Justin of Seero have been kind enough to extend fifty invitations to Orangeinks readers. On the Seero sign-up form just enter Orangeinks on the “What is the meaning of life” field. Once they have reviewed the sign-ups, the first 50 can have access to the site.

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