SeeqPod: Media Search Engine Tips

seeqpod.jpgSeeqpod is a search engine for playable media that can be found in the web. Just search for the music or artist and like what any respectable search engine will do, it will return search results but only for music and videos. This service is not entirely new but there are some features of Seeqpod worth mentioning that can be quite useful to you. Aside from the search feature, the discovery button lets you listen to the most recently discovered music Seeqpod has found on the Web. The site does not transcode the songs that it streams. You will hear it in its original form as scraped from MP3 blogs, personal Webpages and anywhere in the internet that hosts mp3’s. You can also embed the songs that you found to your blogs or social pages or download them using freemusiczilla.

Another cool feature of this site is that it auto detects IPhone and iPod Touch. Whenever you browse SeeqPod using your iPhone or iPod touch, it will display an IPhone/iPod Touch friendly environment. You can use this feature to browse the internet’s music just like as you would the music on an iPod. For this trick simply choose a letter, then an artist then a list of songs by that artist appears that are playable right then and there.

Another trick that you can do to make it possible to listen to music found on SeeqPod without having to open a browser first is to go to the SeeqPod page first using your phone’s browser, then click the plus sign which is found on the middle of the browser bar. The bookmark menu should appear. Touch Add to your home screen which will add the icon of SeeqPod to the home screen.

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