ScreenToaster: Online Screen Recorder

Screen Toaster is an online service that allows you to make video recordings of your computer screen. It eliminates the need to download and install a desktop application to record and publish screencasts.

ScreenToaster applies cutting edge technologies in order to make recorded screencasts look exactly like your screen.

We use VNC, an open source video technology, to capture video frames directly at the level of the video driver.

Our proprietary format compresses the video stream in a very small file while keeping a good quality.

The ScreenToaster app allows you to record in two modes. You can either record in full screen or a portion of your screen by using a selection tool to highlight which part of your screen will be recorded. Just click Alt + S on your keyboard to stop the recording. Only until then you can add subtitles, record sound to your video and change the preview image. Once published, where you have the option to keep the video private, the screencast will be granted a permanent URL which will enable sharing and embedding.

This is a great tool for creating simple video tutorials or screencast reactions about desktop or web applications. Even though that the service is still short of editing features, it’s still a very useful web app. It would be great if they can add simple editing features like cutting unwanted frames from the recorded videos. Since the service is still in its very early stage, maybe in the future we’ll see more features.

Note: You can use ScreenToaster without creating an account. However, if you wish to create a profile and start screencasting, you need to request for an invite code.

Watch the demo video

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  1. @Web-Betty: This one I am really interested in. There may be some limitations but it really is a great service to watch out for. Plus, it’s free. Thanks for visiting Betty. BTW Love your blog. 😀

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