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I just got a private beta invite from Regator and got a chance to test the new service.

Regator is a web service that focuses on bringing the best and latest news in the web from blog sites. It carefully categorizes blogs depending on their niches and creates an interface which is both easy to read and navigate.

The blogs that you see in Regator are popular blogs and the ones nominated by the users and approved by Regator. If you don’t see your favorite blog in Regator, you can easily nominate it in its proper category and will receive a reply from the team if your nomination got approved or denied. By carefully selecting blogs to be included in Regator, clearly states that the service is after quality content and not quantity.

Aside from reading partial blog posts in Regator, the service also supports video and audio playback. You do not have to go to the video or audio site in order to view the featured media. Users are also allowed to comment on the articles featured in Regator. A list of related (or kinda related) articles is also included along with the featured post. This will give users the ability to select a related reading material aside from the current post that they’re reading. Saving a blog post can only be done in one click and you can also favorite a blog in the same manner. Once you have chosen a blog to be one of your favorites, it will automatically be added in your “My Regator” page. Saved posts can also be seen in your personal page. A personal RSS is also created for you so you easily read them in your favorite RSS reader. This is great if you are reading a lot of blogs and just want a single RSS feed from all of them. You can also view the feeds from each category by subscribing the favorite channels feeds.

Regator’s focus on blog content will give small blog owners with good content a chance to get more readerships from the Regator Community. This is an awesome new way of reading content from the blogosphere.

Note: Regator is still in private beta. I tried to get some invites for you guys but they are all out.

The demand for our private beta invites has been incredible. That said, we have given out all of our allocations to blogs that we had for this round.

* You can now view Orangeinks in Regator (It’s located under Technology\Industry\Startups).

6 Comments on “Regator: A Cool Blog Aggregator

  1. Congratulations Louie in getting your blog accepted with Regator! You have a fantastic site, full of current information and technological posts that are way ahead of the rest. Keep up the great work 🙂

  2. Thanks Marie! It’s just too bad that I didn’t get some invites for you guys. It’s really hard to get them nowadays. I think they used it up on popular blogs. Anyway it’s really a cool service worth watching out for. Maybe in the next batch I can share some.

  3. You do have useful info on your site. Wish I had more time to browse through all your content. Some day. Yeah I added my self to the waiting list as this looks like a really cool service.

  4. Hi Tazdog. Thanks for the kind remarks. I try to post useful stuff (old and new). If you want, you can subscribe via email RSS. I publish full RSS feeds (email friendly). No cut down posts that makes you visit the site. I just want it to be convenient for my readers. Again thanks for the visit and comment. Oh, I hope you get your invitation to Regator soon. 🙂

  5. Hey Louie, thanks for thinking of us…but I don’t expect you do get us an invite, I’m just really happy for you and wish you much success for your site as it’s a great resource!

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