Quikmaps Lets You Draw on Google Maps

QuikMaps is a map service editor with a few simple additional features that Google Maps can’t provide. It allows you to draw lines on the map, make scribbles and insert different markers. This is service not only helps users in providing geo locations (which Google Maps can do on its own), it also allows users to add more information in the map.

The editor is very simple and very easy to use.

  • To add markers, simply drag the markers to your desired location on the map and just drag them around to move them. Left click the marker to add information on that particular marker and Right Clicking the marker will immediately delete it. There is also quite a fair amount of markers and icon sets that you can choose from.
  • Drawing straight lines on the map is done in a connect-the-dots manner. Simply choose draw line on top to the map and place a dot on the point of origin and place another on a different location.
  • The Scribble tool is a freehand drawing tool. You can doodle and scribble to your heart’s content using this tool.
  • You can also add text labels on the map by dragging the Text Label icon to the location you want your text to appear on. To delete a text, just right click on the text and it will disappear.
  • They also released their API code to the public so developers can integrate QuikMaps to their web applications.

When you are finished with your map doodling and marking, just insert a title for the map, place some information if you like and save it. You can easily access the map again for editing. The map can be easily exported to KML(Google Earth) and GPX(GPS) format or you can get the embed code to place it on your blogs and websites. Check below for the sample I took from QuikMaps.

3 Comments on “Quikmaps Lets You Draw on Google Maps

  1. Cool Beans. I like Google maps, but I didn’t find it very flexible. This looks more like what I was looking for. Thanks.

    I like your blog by the way.


  2. Hi Beamer, thanks for the visit and the compliment. It’s quite a handy tool. People always draw on real maps, this will allow users to do the same on virtual maps.

  3. I enjoy using google maps. I will have to try out this quickmaps application. It sounds great how you can draw lines and add text labels on the map. It’s a great idea and definitely needed!

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