Playericious: Play Search Results from Delicious and Magnolia

playericious-logoPlayericious is a very interesting web app that allows you to literally play webpages that are bookmarked on Delicious and Magnolia in a slideshow manner. It’s like StumbleUpon, only lazier.

Delicious and Magnolia have an unbelievable resource of information of human classified quality resources. It is a giant listing of sites that people have thought were worth saving, categoriezed by tag and updated with the freshest sites. Social Bookmarking is the future of search directories.

The app is easy enough to use. Just type in the keyword you want to search or the login for any of the two social bookmarking sites mentioned above. You can further filter the results by choosing the type of results you want to be played on your screen. After setting the frequency just hit go and watch all those tagged webpages play. Like in any player, there is of course the pause button. If you happen to find a page that you like and want to read further, just hit the pause button. You also get a preview title for next page on the slide which is extra neat.


Playericious is a fun and different way to search for keywords in delicious and magnolia. It would be great though If the author of the app could add a bookmarking option, one that allows users to bookmark (for example on Delicious) a page that is viewed using Playericious.

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