Photojojo’s PhotoTime Capsule Delivers Old Flickr Photos

We all know that people upload photos to Flickr like a maniac and if you can’t imagine how much photos are being uploaded to Flickr everyday then you should take a look at this (Flickr Spy). Anyway, if you upload to your Flickr more than you use your recycle bin, maybe you should check out this site which emails you your photos from the past.

photojojotimecapsule.pngPhotojojo is a site that loves photography. They give out Photo tips and DIY projects to their subscribers. They have this neat service called the Photo Time Capsule. The thing is you will not get emails from your past self but rather you will receive emails with photos from your Flickr past. They will email you photos from your Flickr account every week or twice a month, depending on your desired frequency. You can receive emails of your Flickr photos from a year ago, six months ago, three months ago or a month ago, which also depends on your preference or the age of your Flickr account. This is great for people who have an enormous collection of photos in their Flickr account. Now you can spam (in a good way) yourself with your photos from your last vacation or gathering without having to dig them out from Flickr. When you receive your photo capsule, a link is provided so you can view it online or send it to a friend. You can also add a message to the capsule so you can read it when it is sent to you again in the future. A quick link is also provided to easily unsubscribe to the service if you don’t want to receive the capsules anymore.

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