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I just got my invite from Aviary (Private Beta) and finally got to test it. Aviary is an online service which caters different kinds of media editing and creating applications for artists of all genres from images, typography, music, 3D and video. Compared to Adobe’s Photoshop Express which is more of a photo enhancement tool, Aviary’s image editing tool called Phoenix gives more freedom to the user when it comes to image editing and creating from scratch. There are lots of editing tools to choose from which are essential for an editing job like layers and brushes. I must say that this online editor is far more advanced than other online editing applications that I have used and tested. You can check out the video below to see the Phoenix Image Editor in action.

There is another application in Aviary that I am excited to see. It is not available yet so I guess we have to wait until it is out. The service is called Dodo, the web based time machine. This is a new tool which will allow you to age and de-age people, places and things from any browser with Flash 9 enabled. They released a video trailer to see the app in action and I find it very interesting. Check it out below.

This two are just but a portion of what Aviary is offering. I have a few invites left (contact me or post it in the comments for an invite) which is restricted to image editing because that is what I signed up for. You can request an early bird invitation in their site if you want to check out other services that fits your taste.

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  1. Online photoshop was a great tool, but as explained and showed in video, I think we all need to try it.
    Send me an Invitation, i will be waiting desperately 😀

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