OnePageArtist: Get Information About your Favorite Music Artists in a Singe Page

one page artistOnePageArtist is a search tool focused on Music Artists. You can search for your favorite artist and learn more about them and their music. It’s a one-stop site where in finding information about an artist. The site is powered by Google,, YouTube and Amazon. You’ll be able to locate albums, videos and even tour dates of your favorite band or singer in just one page.

What you can find in One Page Artist


The service displays every album made by a particular artist, which saves you the trouble of looking up other released albums in addition to the ones that you already own or know of.

Most Popular Album

1PA took the effort to find the most popular album ever made by an artist.

Most Pupular Music

You can listen to the most popular music ever made by your favorite band or singer.

General Information About the Artist

This portion of the service provides available information about the artist that you searched. You can read about their biography and get links to their official websites and other websites containing additional information about them.


The music section simply displays the albums of the artists. You can listen to song previews from amazon and


This is the place for available videos of concerts and live performances of your favorite artists on YouTube.

Tour Dates

Fans can easily get information on when and where their favorite singer or band will perform next. In relation to this, you also get to access a tour map powered by Google.

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