Ning: Create Your Own Social Networking Site For Free

ning-logo.jpgAre you a fan of social networking sites such as FaceBook and hundreds of other social networking sites out there? If you are wondering what it is like to have your very own social networking site, then wonder no more, Ning lets you create a social site in a few minutes and just a few clicks. The service is free and you can just drag and drop the features that you want to be available in your created Social Network. The features included are: Member registration, forums, blogs, photos, music, videos, groups, gadgets, RSS and many others. You can either choose from their list of theme layouts or make your own using the advanced feature. You can even edit the profile questions that you want your subscribers to answer when they join your network.


If you have a lot friends in your network scattered in different social networking sites, this might be a good idea to bring them closer together. You can also use this site to build a small network for specific purposes such as clubs and small organizations. I was wondering what if the include a FaceBook integration feature like MyMiniLife. This would make it easier to promote your created Ning social network. Regardless of your reason for social networking, Ning is a great site you might want to check out.

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