Navigaya: Reinventing Surfing Experience

Navigaya is a browsing service that gives a whole new experience in browsing. The service looks great and sports a futuristic design.The flash platform allows you surf in style and in multiple flash widgets. It’s customizable to a certain extent to fit your taste and cater to your browsing needs.

The search feature allows you to search multiple search engines at a time. The search results are displayed in windows from three of the most popular search engines out there namely Google, Yahoo and MSN. A fourth window for Wikipedia search results is also included. If you are not satisfied with the search result you got from the first three search engines, you can always go to the next set of search results from other search engines by clicking the next button or have your search power customized to display results from search engine(s) of your choice. If you found the result that you want, you can immediately start browsing from the window where you found your result. Just hit the full screen mode for a more focused browsing/reading and revert it back to its normal mode in case you want to browse other pages.

In addition to the great look of Navigaya, it also lets you listen to music (with video playing on the background) while browsing. It may not be for everyone for it may cause some distractions to others. You can however turn the playing music video in the background off easily if you don’t want it to interfere with your browsing or you can customize the playlist to fit your music taste or run a tutorial from YouTube while browsing.

The browsing capailities of Navigaya is far from perfect. When I tried to browse different URL’s (including my blog), It failed to load some widgets and CSS. I don’t know if this is the effect of going through their servers or that the pages just loaded a lot slower resulting in time outs in the loading process. Issues like these needs to be resolved in the beta process.

Navigaya also lets you choose from categories and displays related websites for you to choose from depending on your taste. The websites that appear in each category is however not customizable. You cannot add or remove sites from the Navigaya categories. It would be great though if they can add this feature or if not, just add a personal customizable category.

Navigaya works great with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. I tested it in Opera and it seems to work fine. Just choose the Internet Explorer and Firefox browser if you will be using Navigaya in Opera. It’s a must try if you are looking for a different browsing experience.

Edit: The cageories are changable/editable. You need to register in order to edit categories. Thanks to Amit of Navigaya for clearing it up.

2 Comments on “Navigaya: Reinventing Surfing Experience

  1. Greetings!

    Regarding the catagories – they are indeed editable.

    Upon registartion (located on the icons – lower bar – login icon), you will able to add links/sites in the categories.
    You will see a sign, press it and you’ll able to add/edit icons.

    Best regards,
    Amit H

  2. @Amit: I’m quite embarrassed to say that I missed that part. I didn’t know that there was a registration option until just now. I thought that it only use cookies to save the settings. Thank you for personally clearing this up and I apologize for the error. 🙂

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