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Social networking sites are all over the internet. There a over a hundred sites like this listed on Wikipedia and maybe more undocumented SNS out there. Each of these sites has their own unique way of attracting users to join their network. Some even promises to share their revenues with the users like Yuwie. Newly created sites are trying to offer something different in order to compete with the likes of Myspace and Facebook .

One of the most original Social Networking Sites that I have seen is My Mini Life. It offers something new, something original. They (My Mini Life) let you create a mini home and a minime. It’s your very own mini social networking home and your mini social networking me, much like an online game house and avatar. You can place furniture in your mini house and dress up your mini me avatar with the virtual credits which you can gain from inviting friends and being active in the site. Another feature worth mentioning is you can integrate your My Mini Life account with your Facebook account. You can invite friends from Facebook and earn credits, buy them gifts and share them your mini home. This makes social networking a bit more fun.

There are lots of social networking sites to choose from. Whichever fits your taste is still up to you. 🙂

8 Comments on “My Mini Social Networking Life

  1. That looks and sounds very cute! I have to stop signing up for things though…there are so many to choose from and you end up forgetting about them or not having enough time to spend on more than one.

  2. My daughter was very big into Gaia a couple years ago and it was neopets before that. She got tired of it though. I couldn’t see why she would work her arse off online to earn little digital outfits for her avatar, but not lift a finger to earn real money to buy clothes for her real flesh & blood body.

  3. I was just thinking about what you said Colleen. I was very much like your daughter when I got addicted to an MMORPG game. I really find it so easy to make virtual money from the game. I guess it’s a lot tougher in real life, but wouldn’t that make it more challenging an fun?

  4. Hi Rzhee, thank you for dropping by. I’m afraid the only way you can get more credits is by inviting more friends and persuade them to join my mini life and being active in the community. You can befriend me in the social network. Just send me your mini life email or profile page through our contact form and I will add you to my friends. I have a few credits that I can share with you. Although it’s not much. I’m not really an active member of MyMiniLife. Thanks again for stopping by. Hope to see you again here at Orangeinks

  5. I have been a member of the site for quite sometime now. I have enjoyed it immensely. There is so much you can do. I visit the site at least once a day. It is cute and helps get the creative juices going. So come on by and have a look.

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