MuzkMesh: Music and Lyrics

muzkmeshYou like listening to Last.Fm? How about singing along to the music on your playlist? Normally, you’ll have to search for the lyrics of the song that’s currently playing on your playlist. Now, there is no need to do that tedious job of manually finding the lyrics on your Last.Fm playlist. Just head over to MuzkMesh and you’ll get the lyrics for your songs in an instant.

MuzkMesh is a mashup of and LyricWiki. It takes the songs from your playlist and automatically finds the lyrics of those songs. The service is not actually a music player. You still need to be at in order to listen to your songs. It’s just an easy way of finding the lyrics for the songs on your playlist. All you need to do is enter your username and it will automatically generate the lyrics for your last 10 songs.

Aside from giving the lyrics from, MuzkMesh also provides short information about the artists of the songs on your playlist. If you happen to find a song by random, liked it, and added it on your playlist- you can get some useful information about the artist of that particular song. This is a small but useful addition to the functionality of MuzkMesh.

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