Moshi Monsters Finally Launches

Moshi Monsters is a social networking site for kids that we introduced last year. The service is focused on kids’ learning through the use of social networking. You can start by adopting a monster and eventually taking care of your monster pet. You can feed, play and buy stuff for your monster. Get all the stuff available in the shops by using Moshi Monsters credits called Rox. You can earn your Rox by playing kid friendly puzzles and games. The monsters will develop different personalities depending on how it is treated by its owner.

The game features kid friendly interface that I’m sure most will enjoy. The daily puzzles are educational and the games can be played in easy, normal and hard modes which makes the game playable by any age group. This makes Moshi Monsters both entertaining and a great learning experience for kids.

Parents can also monitor their kids’ Moshi Monsters activities through email. Everytime someone invites your kid to become someone’s friend, an email will be sent to the parent for approval. Online safety for kids is important for the Moshi Monsters team so that parents can relax while their kids play with their monsters and discover new friends through online social networking. This is a cool and interesting site for kids and adults as well. So take a some time off and adopt a Moshi Monster.

2 Comments on “Moshi Monsters Finally Launches

  1. It’s great to know about social networking sites like this made especially for children, that actually provides parents the ability to monitor what their child is up to, giving them some peace of mind.
    Moshi Monsters is a very catchy name too!

  2. Niche social networking sites are popping out everywhere. There are even social sites made especially for pets.

    Moshi Monsters also provides minimal information about the user to prohibit kids form exposing too much of their personal stuff to other users. Communication is also limited between users. This will give parents more peace of mind every time their kids go online in Moshi Monsters.

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