Mod My Life: Who Will Be The Next Mod Star?

Mod My Life recruited new talents to audition for their site. I have been watching mod my life from time to time ever since I stumbled on their site. It is a very hilarious and entertaining site that you might want to check out.Mod My Life lets you control people through votes and make them do what you want them to do by making “Mod” suggestions for people to vote on. If your suggestion gets the most votes then the mod star will perform the mod. This is just an update of the post I made sometime last month about the site.


The audition will be a two-hour event broadcast live on Saturday( January 12) from 4:00 � 6:00 pm EST.

You will get to meet the actors, watch them as they perform your mods, and decide who our future modstars should be. During the auditions, you will be able to enter and vote on skits for each group of actors. The most popular ideas will be given to them to perform, and then you will have the opportunity to rate how they do.

Some examples of past mods we have given in auditions include:
* Convince someone to let you sit on his chair.
* Darth Vader and Luke fighting over where to hold their next slumber party.
* Play HORSE with dance moves.
* Two people describe how they met and broke up using only the lyrics to Itsy Bitsy Spider.

So check out Mod My Life if you are looking for some hilarious reality net feed.

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