Mixx Launches Facebook App

Mixx is a social voting site similar to Digg which has been branded as the refuge of ex-diggers, but as the site grows, adding one feature after another, Mixx is slowly becoming the favorite of many. This just shows that these guys mean business in taking a share in the social voting network biz.

The Mixx team have been working on a Facebook App for some time now and if you are Mixx member, you should have gotten their email about the launch of this new feature. They have just announced that that the app is now up and running. You can now submit, comment and share content from around the web without leaving your FaceBook page. You can also set your FaceBook interests so that you’ll get the content you want delivered right in your profile page. They are calling this app the “Mini Mixx.”


With the Mixx FaceBook App, you can:

  • See your contacts, your faves, even your Mixx profile
  • Find out what’s popular on Mixx: video, stories, photos and tags
  • See which of your Facebook friends is also a Mixxer
  • Invite Facebook friends to join Mixx
  • Find out if any of your Mixx Groups have crossed over
  • Take the shortcut to a Facebook version of the MixxLounge and see the Mixxers who are also on Facebook and the number of Karma points they have

So there you have it. You can check out the Mixx FaceBook App here.

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