MixTurtle: Music Search Engine that doesn’t Crawl

MixTurtle is a very simple music search engine that does its job well. It searches playable music in the internet which you can play right from the MixTurtle page. The service is pretty quick considering that its mascot is a turtle.

The design is very basic as well as the playable search result. It only displays the song title and the artist. There is no play button. If you want to play a song, just click the search result you want to play and the music will start right away. If you are listening to a song/music, you’ll have to control the volume from your speakers or desktop. You won’t find any album cover or extra information about the songs. I think this is why MixTurtle loads so fast. It actually disabled a lot of flash features in order to give way to what is most important in a search engine which is getting fast and relevant results. It also downloads the music from several sources for faster streaming.

There is no registration needed in order to listen to music from MixTurtle. You only need to do this if you want to create a MixTurtle playlist which is very easy to accomplish. From your search result just click the + sign to add the song to your playlist, save it and you can listen to it again whenever you wish.

I don’t quite know yet how many music files are indexed by MixTurtle. I didn’t get the chance to test fully but it did get results from the songs that I searched. You can try it out for yourself to fully test the service and let us know what you think.

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