Midomi: Search Music by Humming

midomi-logoDo you want to search for a song you just heard but have no idea of the title or who sang the song? Well, if you can hum or whistle it, then you’ll probably find it in Midomi. It’s a very amazing music search tool that lets you search for songs by humming, whistling or singing the music that you are looking for.

To search for music, just press the search bar and allow midomi access to your microphone and start humming or whistling. In order to search effectively, you must at least give a 10 second worth of recording. After your recording is processed (which takes about a couple or seconds), the music search results will appear.

Aside from being a cool music search tool, Midomi’s mission is to build the most comprehensive database of searchable music. You can also contribute to the database by singing in Midomi’s online recording studio in any language or genre. Midomi is also a social networking site where you can create a profile, song your favorit songs and share them with your friends and get discovered by other Midomi users. You can also listen to and rate others’ musical performances, network and buy original music.


Note: Midomi also has an iPhone app.

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