Mento: A Fresh New Bookmarking Service

There are lots of link sharing sites out there but Mento thinks that it could be better and simpler for users. Mento provides a lightweight, non-intrusive solution for easy bookmarking, sharing and tagging.

To use Mento, just register and download the Firefox or Internet Explorer extensions, or use their bookmarklet which works on all browsers. When you click the bookmarklet or Mento button, a small popup window will appear asking which Mento service you would like to use. The send feature will allow you to send the links (along with images and comments) to your Mento friends, groups, tags or email buddies. The save feature will generally save the link to your mento profile allowing you to place tags, images and notes along with the link. The reply feature will allow you to comment on the link(s) provided that it has already been saved by somebody in your network. This will also keep track of the linking activities of your Mento friends whether they have previously saved a particular link which will prevent duplicate link sharing in your network. The site also keeps track on how many times a link you’ve shared has been clicked, and which members have clicked it.

Mento also offers outside link sharing by allowing you to publish links to, FriendFeed, Magnolia, Tumblr, and Twitter. They also have a Facebook app that allows friends to view and comment on your links without having to install the application themselves. You can also use the AddThis widget to publish your links on other bookmarking sites. Talk about not being selfish.

Mento is another addition to the numerous social bookmarking services in the internet. The site is fresh looking and packed with sharing features which are also user friendly. If you are in the market for an alternative bookmarking service, Mento is definitely worth checking out.

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