MashFace: Make Photos Talk


MashFace is a place where you can have some fun with your photos or make a fool of yourself. You can basically turns a photo into a talking video usingthe service. All you need is a web cam and a twisted sense of humor and you’re good to go.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We prefer to say… Take those 1000 words and stick it to ’em by making them say whatever it is you want.

With MashFace, you can make a video length of 60 seconds. You can add music or ambience sound track and sound effects from their library. You canalso choose images from their library or upload your own. Sharing is of course a standard feature in services like this one. Embed codes and quick sharing buttons can be easily accessed by users. Check out the sample below.

2 Comments on “MashFace: Make Photos Talk

  1. LOL Leon! I think I saw that episode. Mashface can surely make you feel weird about yourself once you recorded a clip but it sure can be fun especially when you’re doing mashes of your friends hehe.

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