Make Low Resolution Videos Look Better with Fix My Movie

fixmymovie.pngFix My Movie is a free service that enhances low videos taken using mobile phones, webcams or digicams. The service offers to fix dark grainy videos by automatically adjusting contrast and uncovering hidden details in dark areas. An overall improvement in the resolution is expected after undergoing the healing process which is said to be four times better than the original resolution.

In order to get started, just signup for a free account and start uploading your video file and start processing the video. Just make sure that the video you are going to upload does not exceed 15Mb 352×288 CIF (Common Immediate Format) maximum resolution. After the enhancement is finished, you can preview the video and compare it with the original low quality video.


The service also have an email feature where you can just mail them the video at If you are a registered user, they will match your email address and will automatically add your video to their collection. If you are a non member, and want to use this service, just email them the video and they will create a new account for you and email you back the with the details. You can also take advantage of this feature through your phones. Just email the videos from your phone or register your phone number with them to) and have your videos added to your collection /gallery which will be available for sharing after the enhancement.

You can download your enhanced video in Windows Media , iPod ( Quicktime), and Flash video format. An embed code is also available for sharing in blogs and social sites.  You can also grab a high resolution snap shot JPEG picture from any video. Just click pause and hit the capture button and a JPEG image will be created from the frame of the said video.

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  1. FixMyVideo seems to only work with outdoor video shots. If you take indoor ones, which I’ve used to test, the result is more grainy and pixelated than the original! Quite dissapointing.

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