Little Great Ideas: “___” Will “___” You

will youWillYou is a site that promotes creative thinking. It lets you share your ideas by filling in the blanks in “___” will ”___” you. It’s up to you to say something creative or interesting that other people might find useful or inspirational.

As more people visit this site and leave messages, it becomes harder and harder to think of messages that have not already been entered. Some users respond by entering garbage. Although some of them might make you laugh or smile, the challenge here now is to think of something better and new to say rather than blasting the site with nonsense. Well, some nonsense might mean something to someone so if you think that your idea will make a world of difference, then fire away. Either way, it’s fun and brings out a little creativity in you while providing inspiration or humor to others.

Each comment is flashed on your screen. You can sit back and enjoy the ideas shared by other people or you can head over to the history page to see what others have shared in the form of a list. You can also mark the ones that you think are junk so that they’ll no longer appear on WillYou. Although it is not really your responsibility to tag objectionable comments as junk, it might help the site to become a better provider of meaningful ideas. The author of the site also makes his own attempt to remove non-sensical and pointless messages to keep the overall content interesting for the users. If you are willing to lend a helping hand, just tick the box of the comment if you think it’s junk to keep them from appearing again from the site.

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