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mango.pngMango Languages is a language learning tool where you can choose up to 12 different language courses you want to learn. You can choose to learn Brazilian Portuguese, German, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, ESL Polish, Greek, ESL Spanish, French, Russian, ESL Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese. Mango’s teaching method quickly engages you in real conversations between two native speakers. The instructor will take you through every step of the process. Each lesson will revisit the previously learned material, but you can skip it if you choose to, giving you full control over your learning experience.

The service is free for up to 50 lessons per language which will equip you with a decent conversational skill on a particular language. However, if you choose to go deeper in your learning experience, say like grammar notes, memory building exercises, pronunciation help and a lot more features, you can upgrade to a Basic or Pro subscription. The free service allows both serious learners and just checking out the site people to choose and decide what particular language they want to learn without being chained to a paid service. If one decides that it is not the right one for him/her, that user can always take the free course and see how it goes.


The interactive way of teaching makes mango a very useful tool for learning a particular language. The free service will allow you to learn over 1,100 common high frequency words which will become your primary tools in making a quick but decent conversation using your chosen language. Color-coding associations are used to clearly see what words mean in your new language. A professionally recorded audio of both male and female speakers will maximize your ability to “sound” like a native speaker. You can also click on a foreign word or phrase within a sentence to hear it spoken individually as often as you wish. If you are up to learning a new language for fun, work, relationship or travel, Mango will surely aid you in your language learning quest.

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