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LaterThis is another bookmarking service which lets you easily bookmark a page for later viewing. The service is very simple and works with any browser. No installation is required and the interface is clean, clutter free and very minimal. It is a great alternative to other bookmaking services if you are looking for something fresh.

To use the service, simply drag the LaterThis bookmarklet to your bookmark toolbar and then you can start bookmarking. Another bookmarklet (my LaterThis) is available so you can easily access your saved links. Bookmarking using LaterThis is just like using other popular bookmarking services out there. Click the bookmarklet and it will forward you to the bookmark page. You can place a comment for that particular link and add tags to easily search your bookmarks in the future. After saving your link, LaterThis will bring you back to the original page you are browsing.

The service also provides a small screen shot of the bookmarked page for visual reference. You can mark a link with a star to add it your favorite links. A date and time is also provided along with the links to show when you made the bookmark. You can easily mark a link as read and delete it if it has served your purpose. LaterThis also allows you to share your LaterThis saved links to LaterThis does not have a social networking feature. Its main purpose is for you to access a saved link for later viewing. Simple as that.

Tip: You might also want to try alternative bookmarking services like  Mento or Netrocket.

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  1. I am using a firefox add on called read it later. When you come to a interesting page you just have to press a button and it is automatically saved in the folder called “Read It Later” in bookmarks. I guess the problem is this want be accessible from every where.

  2. Hi Nishadha, Thanks for mentioning the Read It Later Firefox addon. I agree with you that the problem is that you cannot access it on other computers. Another problem I encountered using offline bookmarking is that I sometimes forget that my bookmarks are saved on my computer and fail to backup them whenever I make a reformat due to system crash or other issues.

  3. This is a great service, easy to use, hope it gets more popular, I mean at the moment not even ‘AddThis’ supports it which makes it not so convenient to use for example if you’re at a library you would need to login, click post new link instead and paste the link into it yourself. Despite this, I like its simplicity and hope it grows!

  4. Gad: Actually the service is quite new and I think AddThis does not support every bookmarking service that knocks at their door. LaterThis really needs to make itself bigger in order for this to happen. (or they can pay AddThis.. LOL)

    If you’re planning on using LaterThis on other computers, just login, drag the bookmarklet to the bookmark toolbar of the browser and bookmark away. Oh and the link and the title is also automatically added. 🙂

  5. I’ve tried offline stuff, too. But the problem occurs using another computer somewhere. “What was the name of the website I found yesterday?”
    Therefore I’ve programmed a tiny litle webapp by myself called MySiteBar ( There is no graphic overload as with LaterThis (think about the reduced speed of some connections and the tiny little screens you are using). The app is especially designed for quick access with mobiles.
    It’s feee and no ads. Maybe you give it a try.

  6. Stefan: I registered and tried out MySiteBar and like you said it’s fast. A bookmarklet like the one in LaterThis would be a useful addition to your webapp. Once it’s clicked, the URL,information about the page and the highlighted text will automatically be saved in MySiteBar. This will make it easier for the user to save links instead of logging in and copying the URL to bookmark it. 🙂 You can contact me if you decide to add quick access features to MySiteBar and I will post it in Orangeinks. Thanks for the information and goodluck with MySiteBar. Cheers !!! 🙂

  7. Hi,
    thanks for testing.
    There are already some possibilities defined in the “Settings” you can use. Drag and Drop the links in Firefox is possible.
    Maybe I will tweak the UI for finding these settings easier.
    KR, Stefan

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