KissTunes: Produce Simple Tunes using Your Computer’s Keyboard

kisstunesKissTunes is a web application that allows you to record a tune on a browser using your computer’s keyboard. Recording is done online and in real-time. This could be a fun way for you to send an online message. Instead of sending emails and photos, you can send a tune made by you.

In order to activate the website, you will first need to press a button on KissTunes with your mouse. Once it is activated, you can use your keyboard to play your tune. The keyboard keys are designated with simple notes and displayed on the website as your guide. As soon as you start playing, you’ll notice that the keys on KissTunes syncs with your computer keyboard. This makes it easy for the user to check the tones being played when using the keyboard. KissTunes also allows you to download your recording as a .kiss file, which you can re-open and play at Your conversation with your friends also gets saved with the .kiss file, and the file gets updated with new comments every time you load it up.

After recording, you can save it, share it, and let your friends post their comments about your tune. Your tune will have its own URL which you can bookmark and share with everybody. The next time that you want to send something aside from video links and web pages, check out KissTunes and send them something that you made yourself.

What you can’t say with words you can express with KissTunes. A line from your friend’s favorite song might be enough to say “sorry” or “thank you.” Or perhaps a “Happy Birthday” tune for your mom’s 60th birthday. How about a super cheesy song for someone you love (or hate).

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