Iminta What?

It’s hard to keep track of what your friends are into nowadays, especially online. With so many discovery sites, online games and social networks out there, checking out each and everyone of them can be time consuming.

Iminta hopes to give a solution in keeping in touch of the growing number of social services in the internet. It’s a social service that lets you keep in track of your friends’ social network activities and at the same time sharing yours. Iminta will let you plug all the sites that you are using into one service. A single profile of all the stuff you’re doing online will be created for you and you can choose from a list of popular services like YouTube, Flickr, Stumbleupon, Digg and many others to add to your profile. You don’t have to register in all you friends social service to share photos, videos, articles and other internet stuff. The service also lets you control what your friends sees from your profile and what you see from theirs. This will prevent clutter in profiles especially from heavy twitter users.

The service also lets you add content to your profile by using their “Iminta It” bookmarklet. If you find a website or a page that interests you and want to share it with your Iminta friends, just highlight the article or page and click on the bookmarklet and click add then the content along with the URL will be added your profile. You can also get your profile in one RSS feed and place it in your blog and other social accounts that supports RSS and get updates of your friends’ via email and RSS feeds.

This is an interesting and potentially useful site to watch out for. The website is still in invite only beta, you can sign up for an invitation at their site or get an invitation from me and share to me the stuff that you’re “inta”.

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  1. Louie – this is why I come to your site, because you tell us all about these great new sites and tech stuff that’s coming out!

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