KartOO a Visual Meta Search Engine

KartOO is a flash based Meta search engine which gives visual results of searches in the form of a map. The search engine will select the best sites and place them on a map. In this map, the found sites are represented by more or less important size pages, depending on their relevance. When you move the pointer over these pages, the concerned keywords are illuminated and a brief description of the site appears on the left side of the screen.

Aside from displaying graphical results, what I found interesting about this service is that you have the ability to erase a particular link in your search result. Although it is not permanent, this will give the user the ability to filter the results if it is not relevant to his/her keyword search, or just removed an already visited site. You can also filter the search results by clicking the keywords displayed on the map or the ones on the left sidebar. However, the service is only limited to giving web pages results, images and video searches are still redirected to Yahoo!.

This can be a fun and effective way of doing search results which gives us an alternative to the popular search engines like Google and Yahoo. The GUI (graphical user interface), visual results with screen shots, keyword suggestions related to the search result provides a unique search engine experience.

3 Comments on “KartOO a Visual Meta Search Engine

  1. Hi Deimos, I forgot to mention that in all it’s flash bling, the site actually loads better than I expected. I don’t know if this is because no one is actually using or it really does load fast. 🙂

  2. It definitely does put a new twist when using search engines! I like the options on the left hand side.
    It wasn’t too bad for me, the site loaded pretty quickly too 🙂

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