Jooce For The Cyber Nomad


jooce2.jpgAre you a cyber nomad? Do you use different computers to surf the web and always on the move? There are millions of people who surf the internet on cyber cafés. Where I come from, cyber cafés are common small business ventures. Some people I know spends hours and hours on a cyber café to chat, play online games, email, check out people’s pages on their social network and do whatever they want to do online. If you happen to use cyber cafés a lot and want to manage your internet files then Jooce is the online tool that you are looking for.

 “Jooce is your own private online desktop- with the public file sharing capabilities. A highly secure online space to keep view, listens to, and instantly shares them with friends – all your files, photos music and videos.”

Jooce will bundle your all your chat and email accounts into one easy to use platform. This is a cool tool for people on the go and can also be useful for people who owns a computer.

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