JokeyPhone: A Funny Video Hosting Service

jokeyphoneGot a new joke? Share it on JokePhone. It’s a site where you can upload or record a joke or a funny story and share them with everyone for some laughs. Of course, you can also enjoy minutes of laughter hearing others tell their jokes online. The site is dubbed as the YouTube of jokes where every shared video is supposedly funny and entertaining.

Like most video streaming sites, you are allowed to rate the videos depending on how entertaining they are for you. The videos are categorized by channels, competitions, most viewed, highest rated and recently added. The usual social media features like comments, add to favorites, tagging and sharing are also included. There’s also a small feature similar to the video reaction feature in YouTube that allows you to tell your own version of the published joke. If you think that you can dish out a funnier version of a particular joke, just hit the button and upload or capture your very own version.

Whether you want to share some laughs or hear jokes from others, JokeyPhone is definitely the site to visit. Check it out for yourself to find out.

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